Hyperion offers small satellites life time extension

One of Hyperions all-inclusive solutions for small satellites is the PM200 propulsion unit. Especially designed for small satellites in low Earth orbit, where drag is the missions first and worst enemy.

With low system complexity and zero propellant toxicity, the PM200 can extend the one-year life time of a small 6U satellite in low Earth orbit to up to five years. The 3D-printed stainless-steel structure includes all necessary hardware and propellant, which makes it ‘fire & forget’ simple.

The standard 1U configuration of the PM200 propulsion module can deliver in excess of 230 m/s of velocity increment to a 3U CubeSat of 4 kg at a nominal thrust level of 0.5 N. Tailor made versions are built by Hyperion for platforms up to 12U in size.

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