Dutch consortium provides global solution for agriculture

Harvest Horizon is a global system that provides high-quality land surface temperature data with an unmatched resolution, providing valuable ground information for day-to-day farming needs. Land surface temperature is key in helping farmers increase productivity.

Harvest Horizon will provide world class land surface temperature data for agriculture, by deploying a global satellite system. By using the latest technology, we are able to develop a very compact and integrated space-based system. The use of such a system makes it possible to deploy a constellation of multiple satellites in a cost effective way, thus enabling land surface temperature measurements with a very short revisit time. A scalable constellation of satellites can provide an image of every location on Earth with a spatial resolution of 50 meters, which enables day-to-day services for farmers on a field level.

Harvest Horizon was founded by cosine, ISIS – Innovative Solutions in Space and Waterwatch Projects, which provides Harvest Horizon with the experience and heritage to deliver world class data and Earth observation services for the agricultural market.

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