Low cost, customizable radiator

HiPeR is a high performance, customizable, low cost and easily installable flexible film radiator technology, optimized for application in space. Compared to traditional solutions for spacecraft thermal management, HiPeR realizes a mass reduction of 80% and a reduction in cost up to 50%.

Building on a well-established heritage in systems, Airbus has developed a highly conductive flexible film radiator as the key element of the HiPeR technology. Ranging from Thermal Straps (Flexlinks) to Radiator panels and doublers, HiPeR is optimized for space applications. It is a low cost, short lead time, late integration capable and sizeable solution that does not compromise on performance or mass.


Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands is developing, building, testing and qualifying two engine frames for the new Ariane 6 launch vehicle.

Ariane 6 engine frames

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