New standard for air quality monitoring from space

The Dutch satellite instrument Tropomi circles the Earth at an altitude of 824 km, onboard ESA’s Sentinel-5 precursor satellite. From this position, it maps the entire atmosphere on a daily basis, with details of 7×7 km.

With Tropomi, the Dutch space industry has set a new standard for earth observation instruments. Unique technological innovations like immersed grating and freeform optics provide data for world-class climate research and monitoring air quality around the globe.

Tropomi is a partnership between Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands, KNMI, SRON and TNO, on behalf of the NSO and ESA. Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands is the main contractor for the construction phase. The scientific management is in the safest hands of the KNMI and SRON. TROPOMI is funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and also by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.


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