Using a software-based transponder in a satellite is like updating your smart phone.

Software based satellite transponder updates like a smart phone

Space Campus Noordwijk will be center stage for space activities in The Netherlands

Mona Keijzer talks about how her country can achieve great things here on Earth and in space

State Secretary Mona Keijzer: ‘We can be proud of our space sector.’

NSO is the governmental Space Agency of the Netherlands.

Dutch space sector benefits billions

TNO is designing and building the space, air and ground optical terminals with which the satellites communicate with terrestrial stations and for inter-satellite communications.

Satellite laser technology enables faster communication

First miniaturized camera enabling hyperspectral earth inspection from a nanosatellite.

First miniaturized hyperspectral camera in space

The first university-class satellite and the first nanosatellite from the Netherlands.

Delfi C3 11 years in orbit

Tropomi maps the entire atmosphere on a daily basis, with details of 7×7 km.

New standard for air quality monitoring from space

Searching for evidence of life on Mars

Dutch parachutes will land European rover on Mars

PM200 Propulsion unit, especially designed for small satellites in low Earth orbit.

Hyperion offers small satellites life time extension

High performance, customizable, low cost and easily installable flexible film radiator technology, optimized for application in space.

Low cost, customizable radiator

Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands is developing, building, testing and qualifying two engine frames for the new Ariane 6 launch vehicle.

Ariane 6 engine frames

Q&A with Michel Keuning, Head of ISR & Space Utilization, NLR

The bright future of small satellites

Hundreds of small satellites in lunar orbit acting together as one giant telescope to unravel some of the Universe’s best kept secrets!

The Netherlands the most logical place to develop OLFAR’

NCLE is part of the Chang’e 4 mission to the moon.

Small satellites moonshot for ground-breaking science

Designing a launcher for satellites up to 70 kg from a European-based launch facility.

SMILE: small launcher for small satellites

Making the launch of small satellites as simple and ‘easy’ as possible.

ISILaunch for small satellites


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