SpaceBuzz: creating ambassadors of planet Earth

"Looking down from space, I saw the sheer beauty of my home planet – and its vulnerability. I couldn’t help but feel that we are all astronauts of a fine spaceship called Earth. Together, we must take incredibly good care of our planet, for ourselves and for generations to come.” – Astronaut André Kuipers.

Inspired by the overview effect – a major shift in perspective experienced by astronauts when they see Earth from space – the revolutionary and immersive educational program SpaceBuzz takes children across the globe on an astronauts’ journey.

SpaceBuzz brings science, technology and 21st century skills education to all classrooms using a uniquely developed digital learning environment called ‘mission control’. When ready for lift-off, children board a life size space ship outfitted with the latest virtual reality technology, that brings
them to space and returns them safely back to school. That’s where the journey continues with inspiring and stimulating outreach activities.

First tested in The Netherlands, the SpaceBuzz program has generated an overwhelming amount of interest amongst teachers and children. Together with our partners - NL Space, WWF, National Geographic, Deloitte, MediaMonks, Tilburg University and others – it is our ambition to further improve and expand the SpaceBuzz program and make it available worldwide.

Let’s inspire children across the globe with the astronauts’ view of Earth and empower a new generation to become ambassadors of planet Earth.