NL Space Campus

NL Space Campus is the meeting place for the (inter)national space sector, with ESA ESTEC, Galileo Reference Centre (GRC), SBIC and Space Expo as inseparable anchor points and with the Leiden – Delft – Erasmus universities as an important knowledge partner. A central place for the space community and breeding ground where start-ups and scale-ups, scientists, students and young professionals come together, collaborate, apply and share knowledge and strengthen each other(‘s growth). Entrepreneurs, educational and research organisations, government and other (societal) stakeholders meet, and cooperations are initiated, sharing knowledge is facilitated and stimulated, aimed at the application of space knowledge, data and technology.

Contact: Mr. Raoul Voeten


SCN Avatar is a development centre for virtual and augmented reality tools and services for the space domain


Space Campus Noordwijk will be center stage for space activities in The Netherlands

Space Technology
Earth Observation