Located in Delft, The Netherlands, Hyperion Technologies specialises in high performance, miniaturised components for small spacecraft. From Attitude Determination and Control Systems (ADCS) to communication systems, all hardware is developed in house and meets the highest quality standard.

Hyperion focusses on technologies where it can make a real difference, be it bus systems, small satellite positioning or propulsion. This way, its customers can focus fully on what matters to them most: their payload, as this is the core of their mission.

To meet the demands of small missions with a high volume of collected data, Hyperion, together with knowledge institute TNO, is developing laserbased communications with a data rate of 1 Gb per second. This component should be on the market in 2019.

Contact: Ms. Alexandra Sokolowski

Email: a.sokolowski@hyperion.space


PM200 Propulsion unit, especially designed for small satellites in low Earth orbit.

Hyperion offers small satellites life time extension

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