SCN Avatar is a development centre for virtual and augmented reality tools and services for the space domain. It is a collaboration between industrial and institutional parties in the Netherlands, who aim to optimize processes and procedures using their knowledge of VR and AR. SCN Avatar is one of the first initiatives of Space Campus Noordwijk. Its physical location will likely open in the fourth quarter of 2019.


SCN Avatar has four areas of focus:

1. Using VR/AR to support the engineering processes;

2. Using VR/AR for simulation, training and support of assembly, integration and test activities;

3. Using VR/AR to enhance the cognitive load of people when faced with large data sets (for example related to Earth observation satellite data);

4. Using VR/AR to enhance human-machine interfaces and to simulate off-world environments for training purposes.


If you're interested to hear more or want to stay up-to-date-with recent developments, contact us:


Contact: Mr. Michiel Vullings


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