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The TU Delft Space Institute combines the strengths of different faculties of the Delft University of Technology to enable groundbreaking and cutting-edge research in the Space domain. Its mission is to further global research, education and valorisation and contribute to scientific, economic and societal needs.


Focus is key for the TU Delft Space Institute. It leads the way in three highly innovative areas. First are sensors. Better sensors and smarter measuring strategies are crucial for monitoring the Earth and exploring the wider universe. Second are state-of-the-art robotic systems to reach places where humans can’t go. And then there are small satellites...


Small satellites working together as a team are a major trend in spaceflight. That’s why ‘Distributed Space Systems’ is a focal theme for TU Delft Space Institute. Together with partners in The Netherlands, the institute applies its knowledge to the main challenges in this field: flight control, communication and decision making.

Contact: Mr. Chris Verhoeven

Email: C.J.M.Verhoeven@tudelft.nl


The first university-class satellite and the first nanosatellite from the Netherlands.

Delfi C3 11 years in orbit

Space Technology