NLR is the Netherlands Aerospace Centre for identifying, developing and applying advanced technological knowledge in the area of aerospace. NLR provides support in the entire development chain, from concept development to qualification and certification. Our activities are relevant to society and market-oriented organisations. We thus strengthen the innovativeness, competitiveness and effectiveness of government and business.

NLR has a long heritage as a systems expertise centre, where system engineers make use of the inter-disciplinary knowledge base to assist in the development of space systems like satellites, payloads and launchers and subsystems like thermal control systems, electronics or antennas. It also offers unique capabilities in the area of aerospace qualified light-weight composite structures and multi-metal additive manufacturing.

NLR has available a wide range of test facilities with which it can test, verify and validate products. This includes environmental and structural testing, wind tunnel testing and (zero-gravity) flight testing. On the application side NLR has a long heritage in earth observation and satellite navigation. It is primarily focussed on applications in air traffic and defense, but also serves application domains like smart farming, critical infrastructures and public safety & security.

Contact: Mrs. May Kerstens


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