cosine is a Dutch company that develops and builds optical and in-situ measurement systems for space, air and ground use. Based in Warmond, the Netherlands, our office houses 6 cleanrooms, as well as assembly and testing facilities.

cosine, with subsidiaries Condi Food and coseno, develops and builds measurement systems for its customers. These are used in scientific, industrial, medical, environmental, energy, agri/food, security, semiconductor and space applications, with customers ranging from small high-tech companies to the European Space Agency.

The cosine team consists of 40 highly educated people who develop transparently in close collaboration with our customers. With our broad experience in different technological areas we provide innovative, out-of-the-box measurement solutions. Technologies span the field of applied physics, with extensive experience in spectroscopy, lasers, radiation and 3D imaging systems.

Contact: Mr. Marco Beijersbergen


Develops and builds optical and in-situ measurement systems for space, air and ground use.


Hundreds of small satellites in lunar orbit acting together as one giant telescope to unravel some of the Universe’s best kept secrets!


First miniaturized camera enabling hyperspectral earth inspection from a nanosatellite.

First miniaturized hyperspectral camera in space

A global system that provides high-quality land surface temperature data with an unmatched resolution, providing valuable ground information for day-to-day farming needs.

Dutch consortium provides global solution for agriculture

Earth Observation